How To Copy A Photobucket Link

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How To Copy A Photobucket Link

Post  Vito on 2008-12-02, 08:00

To copy a link to a photo stored on Photobucket, use the following procedure:

  1. Mouse-over the thumbnail of the photo you want to display in your post. You'll see a pop-up that displays four different types of links, like this:

  2. At this point, you have two choices. If you want to use the Image button on the Fraternex composer's toolbar, then copy the Direct Link. If you want to bypass the Image button, you can just copy the IMG Code.

  3. To copy a link (in this case, the Direct Link), place the cursor over the link and click. The pop-up highlights the link and displays a screen tip that says "Copied":

The Photobucket pop-up contains four types of links. Here's a summary that describes each type of link:

  • Email & IM – use this one for e-mail and instant messaging
  • Direct Link – use this one for the Image button in the Fraternex composer's toolbar
  • HTML Code – use this one for embedding in web pages
  • IMG Code – use this one for embedding directly in BBCode posts (like this one), without using the Image button in the composer toolbar


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