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Post  Vito on 2010-02-17, 15:34


Check out the new Editorial Blatherings category, down below the Pipes forums. The forums in that category aren't in the usual format; instead, they're blogs, wherein you post a rant and the brethren can post comments in reply.

I finally got fed up with trying to figure out where to post my rants about stuff that's near and dear to the Vitonian heart, so I figured it was time to implement an idea originally conceived by Brothah TJ many moons ago—possibly on BoB, or maybe even on the old Knox BB—an idea he called Vito's Vestibule, wherein I could blather on and on somewhere off the beaten track...a place where only those brethren who figured I actually had something to say would venture.

It probably would have been unworkable on those boards, considering the number of members they have. it's likely that many members would have wanted their own special forums, which would have made it hell to moderate. Here at Fraternex, where the need to moderate is mostly non-existent in the first place, I figure y'all might just as well be your own moderators. So, I've set it up that way. If you want your own blog, shoot me a PM and I'll set it up for you. You'll be your own moderator, and only you will be able to start topics.

The forums in this category provide the brethren with the opportunity to rant to their hearts' content about any ol' thang they want. It's not exactly a "rubber room"—the Fraternex rules of engagement still apply—but here the discussions are likely to be...uh, more spirited.


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