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Post  Vito on 2008-01-10, 16:14

As a member of this community, you can be a great help in making these discussions a more useful resource for yourself and your fellow members by observing a few simple rules of thumb when you post:

  1. There aren't any rules here about staying on-topic and we don't want to make any, because some of the best stuff comes up in off-topic "digressions". But it'll be a great help if you always insert a subject line in your posts—one that's relevant to the actual content of your post, especially if the post wanders off-topic. The search engine for the phpBB bulletin board is optimized for searching topics and subjects. Your insertion of a subject line that describes your post's content will be helpful not only to others, but also to you.

  2. Post new topics in the forums that most closely fit the subject of your original post.

  3. If you happen to open up a new subject that bears significant further discussion in the process of replying to a post in an existing thread, post your reply in an existing thread on that same subject, or start a new discussion under a new topic in the appropriate thread. Then, simply post a brief reply in the original thread, and include a link to your full reply in the appropriate place. If you don't know how to include a link to another thread or post, see How To Link To Other Posts or Threads.

  4. Please try to avoid opening multiple threads on the same subject. For example, another pipe smoker's forum has numerous threads on a single pipe tobacco, or on the subject of "bitey Virginias". If we all include relevant subject lines in our posts, it will be a relatively quick and simple process to search for threads and posts that already provide a suitable place for posting on subjects that other members already might have covered in depth.
These are not hard and fast rules, which is why they're not part of the forum constitution. In other words, no one is going to get busted or banned for running afoul of them. It's like the pirate code...they're more like guidelines. However, those members who consistently and flagrantly ignore them should be forwarned that certain forum moderators are accomplished in voodoo and other dark arts. Don't make us use them.


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