Post counts are gone!

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Post counts are gone!

Post  Vito on 2016-11-20, 10:34

Hooray! Forumotion finally implemented the ability to not display post counts. cheers

Post counts are still visible in the Memberlist, but I've removed post count from the User Panel for posts (messages).

Actually, it's not all that important here on Fraternex because we don't have any jerks who are constantly hitting the Send button to make substance-free, meaningless posts that add little or nothing to any discussion, apparently for the sole purpose of inflating their post count.

But there have been many times in the past (on BoB, for example) when it seemed pretty clear that the inclusion of post counts encouraged certain members to plaster every forum with their vapid, vacuous "Me too" posts. I have long suspected that displaying post counts encourages that behavior. Not coincidentally, some of those same people have also been the biggest jerks.

Anyhow, it would be easy to tell who they are. Just remove post counts and see who squawks. Obviously, they would be the only ones who value quantity over quantity, as though the number of times a user can hit the Send button provides any meaningful measure of his/her contributions to the community.

It would be an interesting experiment. S-E Grin


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